RoboGarden Digital Skills Programs For APEGA

We prepare people for the future needs of technology through digitizing STEAM content and delivering it through computational thinking and coding concepts; we are an AI based company for future revolutionary education.

The platform includes built-in coding editors and compilers of Python with intelligent hinting to help you to easily apply what you learn.

Hands-on Learning Experience

You will finish the course knowing how to explore, clean and transform data into actionable insights and how to implement Machine Learning models from start to finish in a production environment, working in teams with the best-in-class tool belt.
Binary data
Regular expressions
Data structures and data sets
Python for deep learning, data science, and machine learning

Online, Synchronous and Blended Learning Experience

No installation required—run code from your browser

Interactive exercises and short videos, on-demand

In-Demand Data Science Careers

As per Forbes, globally, machine learning jobs are projected to be worth almost $31 billion by 2024. That is an annual growth rate of more than 40% over a six-year period. Those statistics underscore the need for machine learning talent.
Machine learning's growing adoption in business across industries reflect how effective its algorithms, frameworks and techniques are at solving complex problems quickly.

Don't just take our word for it.

Now I have more confidence in my data skills and abilities!
Sahar Gargary
Part way through the bootcamp, I had already started hitting my goals!
Kingsley Okoro
I can confidently compete in any industry needing data analysis!
Vadin Savanvkov

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